Thursday, January 2, 2014

V. Fort Myers Beach in Photos: Manmade and Natural Beauty

Wherever there is a wall expanse on Fort Myers Beach, there is an opportunity to add a little more beauty to our lives.
Grecian mural on the side of a store in downtown Fort Myers Beach
Unfortunately, murals can come and go, and this one is no longer there, but it surely was a treat while it was. It has been replaced by a solid blue painted wall.
Grecian mural close-up
A condo wall
Even a garage door can get a mural
The Lani Kai annex
The Lani Kai annex after a heavy rain storm

The side wall of a coffee shop
I think Tinker Bell is on the upper right hand part of the mural, and I especially like the way the artwork is carried through on the utility boxes.
A mural with a message
Strong house/restaurant/bar lights on the beach disorient newly-hatched turtles so that they go toward those lights rather than toward the water and the moonlight.
A store wall mural

The Surf Club mural encompassing the whole building
This mural is no longer there, either, because the Surf Club is now located across the street.
The "Love" mural, one of the few murals with an abstract design
Another whole building condo mural
The Fish Monger Restaurant
Check out the fish-themed benches and mail box.
The parking lot side of The Fish Monger Restaurant

A Fort Myers Beach Public Works Building on Lenell Street across from Santini Plaza 
This whole-building mural shows it all: sun, sea, birds and mangroves.
The Public Works Building
I was told it houses a sewage tank.
A detail of the mural
People assemble in the evenings to watch the sun set
over the Gulf of Mexico from Fort Myers Beach 

My husband Robert and I took all of these photos over a period of years, from 1998 to 2013.

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